Message for June 2, 2013 from Pastor Jerry

       “This being so, I myself always strive to have a conscience without offense toward God and men.” Acts 24:16

       What do you spend your conscience time thinking about and meditating on?  We all have a thought life.  Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is not so good.  How do you think about yourself?  The way you think about you is the way you will live.  If you only see your weaknesses you will live as though you are weak.  If you only see your failures you will continually fail.  You must see who you are in Christ.

       Apart from Christ life is just a gamble.  Can I win or will I lose?  You will do what you believe you can and nothing more.  In every arena of thinking those who succeed are those who have a positive view of themselves and the things around them.  Being “in Christ” removes the risk of ultimate failure.  To activate this in your life you must get a Biblical view of who you are.  You cannot see yourself as “just an old sinner saved by grace” and get a true picture of who you are.  You must see yourself as a “new creature in Christ Jesus.”

       There are certain attitudes that you must adopt if you are to be victorious in your daily life.  One of the first things you must overcome is being sin conscience.  You must quit looking for sin in your life.  If you look for it you will find it every time.  Instead of sin start looking for righteousness. The Bible says you are “the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.”  Can you see that about yourself?  Start living being conscience of righteousness rather than being sin conscience.  I promise it will change your life when sin disappears from your view.

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