Message for January 21, 2018 from Pastor Shirley

   Romans 10:17 “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

     Why doesn’t the scripture just read, “and faith comes by hearing by the word of God.” Before a person can believe, there must be something presented to them for them to believe. That something is the Word of God.

     In Romans 10:16  Isaiah says, “Lord who has believed our report.” The word for “report” in Romans 10:16, and for “hearing” in Romans 10:17 comes from the same word but with just a slight difference of meaning. In the first part of Romans 10:17, “so then faith cometh by hearing or faith comes by report. This would involve the presenter of the word and those that hear which is reported by the one that presents the word.

      What if we read Romans 10:17 ”so faith comes by report and hearing that report by the word of God.

     We sing a song whose report are you going to believe. So I challenged you with this today, “whose report are you believing.”

     Choose to believe the report of the Lord which is his Word!!

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