Message for September 4, 2011

“Now to Him who is able to do
exceedingly above and  
beyond that which we ask, to Him be glory and power now and
forever, Amen.” Eph. 3:20

    What are the limits of what God can do for you?  Who  
sets the boundaries for your blessings?  It is all to often that we cheat
ourselves by setting the limits of how much God can do for us.  How deep must
the water be to stop God?   How hot does the fire need to be before God cannot
quench it?  Are you starting to catch what I am saying?  Should you go by how
much you think God can do or by how much God says He can do?
    Your faith should never be in how much faith you have
in your faith.  It should always be in how much God can do for you.  He says He
is able to do more than you “think” or “ask.”  If this is true, why limit Him to
what you think is possible?  Just believe what God has to say and leave it at 
that.  It is not your faith that makes it happen.  It is God that does it.  It
is just your duty to “HAVE FAITH IN GOD!”(MARK

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