Message for September 20,2019 from Pastor Jerry

Press on with hope.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”  Psalm 119:105

     When one is born, he begins on a path through this life.  The end of that Life ends at a purpose. Everyone is here for a purpose, and we must keep ourselves on the path that leads to our reason for being here.  The path to our purpose is laid out in the Word of God. But, you can’t sit down on any given day and expect to find out your end purpose immediately.  

     God’s Word is a lamp unto our feet. A lamp only lights a few feet in front of us on the path.  When I was a boy, my grandpa and I would go fishing at night for catfish in the creek on his farm.  To see our way there,and while we were fishing, and on our way home we used a lantern. It did not light up the entire trip at one time from beginning to end but only a few feet around us at a time.  After the few feet it was total darkness. We knew the darkness was there, but we focused on the light we had. Knowing it would be there when we needed it. We trusted the light we had because we knew if we kept it close and walked in it, we could see where we were and know what direction and steps we should take.  It gave us a sense of safety even against any threat that might be in the darkness around.

     Our journey to our purpose, which by the way is a home in heaven with Jesus, is much like my fishing trips with my grandpa.  The light served its purpose which was to give us light. But my real security on the “journey”was my grandpa. I knew he would not let anything happen to me because I trusted him.  I knew he was always there with me. Why? It was because I could always see Him in the light. Jesus, our Brother and Savior, is always with us on the journey to our purpose. God’s word is the light that shows us He is always here.  He said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” You just need to keep the lamp light so His light lets you know He is still with you. Trusting His word is your part in the trip.

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