Message for October 16, 2010

“What did you go out into the wilderness to see…? Matt. 11:7
Jesus was asking a question about motivation.  What is your motivation for what you do? Why do you live the way you live? What is your reason for serving God?  Why are you here at New Life?
Are we here because there isn’t any excitement anywhere else?  Are we at New Life because it is the biggest, best, most “rocking” place of “worship” in the area?  Is it the “in place” to be?  I hardly think that is the opinion of the community.  Otherwise they would be flocking here by the droves.
This church was built on one principle.  We teach the word of God that will give you victory everyday.  We may not be a “spiritual walmart” where you can get everything you want. We aren’t large enough to offer classes for every “issue”.  We don’t live in a large beautiful house.  We have a simple family life and a desire to help all we can.
Are we here to promote a “Christian life style” that is comfortable rubbing shoulders with the world?  Should we participate more with the world?  It is hard to get more than a handful to join us when we meet with other churches in community services.
I have spent the last three years trying just to continue from day to day.  Staying alive was my primary function.  Making the effort to continue with what God called me to do and reflect an appearance of strength proved hard at times.  But, I made a commitment 30 years ago to give my life for Jesus and New Life.  I do not plan to stop as long as there is breath in my body.
“I have decided to follow Jesus. Though none go with me still I will follow.  The world behind me the Word before me.  I will follow Jesus.

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