Message for October 31,2010

It was “that close”.  Missed it by “that much”.  “It was just around the corner”. Do these remarks sound familiar?  How many times did we “miss out” because of a narrow margin?  It is hard to deal with “almost”.
But, what happens when we start the game with two strikes against us to begin with?  When something seems doomed from the start and you grasp at straws, can your faith see a way out?  It does not matter what the circumstances are you cannot count yourself out and throw in the towel.
If I were to tell you your problem will be solved tomorrow, don’t worry, would you believe it?  I think it would depend on how bad you thought your situation was. If it is so bad you nor those around you can see any chance, can it be solved tomorrow?  How bad does it have to get until there is no hope?  Can certain death be turned into life overnight?
Check out the story in II Kings chapter 7.  You might be surprised what God can do.

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