Message for October 24, 2010

Hello Brother Gerald,
I want to share something that has been in my spirit starting the weekend we were with you. I have never done anything like this before and I have asked God to remove the images from my spirit for several days but they continue so I will just tell you what I see and hear and hopefully you can sift through it and find something of value. Ray and I love you and your family and church so much. We want the very best for you. We admire you and LaVerne so much and desire to emulate the ministry heart we see in you.

I keep hearing in my spirit, “It is time to be impassioned and to rebuild. It is time to remember the day the new sanctuary was laid out on paper and the vision for its use was fresh in your mind and heart and in the people’s hearts. The people are to rise up and build. This time not a physical structure but the True Church. The time for marking time and getting by are over. The Spirit of God is preparing to breathe over your region. The people have become weary because they have allowed their eyes to be filled with loss and defeat rather than God’s unchanging love and purpose. I keep hearing put yesterday behind you. This new day in which you are standing is filled with possibilities and power just waiting to be accessed. I hear you have felt that you ran your best race in the past and that there is now not enough strength to run again. But I hear that the Spirit is about to breathe upon you in a way that will ignite every cell in your body with purpose. HE says to me that in your area people can not hear a more sure word of God than they can from your lips. HE says prepare each message as if it were being cast to the thousands because that is the impact it will have in the lives of those who hear it. HE says remember, remember, the vigor you previously had as it is awaking in you again. HE says the best is ahead of you and that that is not just a phrase, it is HIS directive to you as you reach forward one more time and put your hand to a very worn plow handle and begin to till the soil for renewal and revival in your community. The LORD says the room was built with those dimensions for a reason and HE is not ready to let go of that reason.

You stand like a giant in the KINGDOM says the Spirit and you wield a mighty sword.

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