Message for October 13, 2019 from Pastor Shirley

Expectation means. “Anticipating with confidence of fulfillment. Expectation follows revelation.  Without revelation how can you have expectation. Revelation is what brings the attitude of expectation.  Expectation without revelation is already a defeated attitude. There must be something to have faith in something to believe in.

When we accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior we gained more than just a ticket to Heaven.  In the New Testament the word salvation in the Greek “Soteria” means:deliverance, preservation, soundness, prosperity, happiness, rescue, general, well begin.  The word salvation has often been reduced to less than what the Bible really teaches. Salvation is God’s power at work in every area of a person’s life. Wow! What great expectation.

Faith comes first.  Expectations is built on faith.  When we read the Word we first decide to believe that it is God’s truth.  What is our expectation at that point?  Do we really expect what we read in the Bible to happen in our own life? Do we really expect doors to be opened for us that no man can close and doors closed in our life that no man can open?  Do we truly expect to have life and have it more abundantly? Brothers and Sisters “YES” God wants us to release our faith and expect Him to supply the supernatural miracle we need and desire. He wants us to expand our capacity to receive by believing Him for BIG things!  As we read from His Word, take that word and receive it in your heart, we should with great expectation expect it to come to pass. There should be no question in our minds that what God said is exactly what He will do! He is faithful!

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