Message for November 21, 2021 from Pastor Shirley

   –Today we remember Jim Childs–                                                      
Jim has heard the words “Well done my faithful servant”.
At home with the Lord for evermore.   
A Prophet that heard from God and shared those words he heard.  
Married to Connie who stole his heart-the girl who made him smile.  
Jim loved his God, his family and his friends so very much 
We are all grieving not for him but for us who loved him  
We will continue on as pioneers of the faith for that is what Jim would  want us to do 
We do have that blessed hope we will see him again
Until then our brother rejoice with Jesus and all those gone before                                                                              
I remember a particular time Jim came to minister and I introduced him as, Brother Jim, Dr Childs, Pastor, son of God.  When he came to the pulpit he said, “She finally got it right “son of God”.  I am a son of God first and foremost. 
Jim knew his identity as a son of God.  He knew his Father and because of his relationship with Him he knew his voice and would speak on his behalf.  The words he heard from the Father were accurate and of great encouragement to others. 
You will be greatly missed Jim!

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