Message for November 12, 2023 from Pastor Shirley

Mark 11:20-24  Kingdom Dynamics              Jesus on “Faith’s Confession”.
From Jesus’ own lips we receive the most direct and practical instruction concerning our exercise of faith.  Consider three points.  1 – It is to be “in God.”  Faith that speaks is first that seeks.  The Almighty One is the Source and Grounds of our faith and being.  Faith only flows to Him because of the faithfulness that flows from Him.  2- Faith is not a trick performed with our lips, but a spoken expression that springs from the conviction of our hearts.  The idea that faith’s confession is a “formula” for getting things from God is unbiblical.  But the fact that the faith in our hearts is to be spoken and, thereby becomes active and effective toward specific results, is taught here by the Lord Jesus.  3 – Jesus word’s “whatever things” apply this principle to every aspect of our lives. The only restrictions are that your faith be “in God” our living Father and in alignment with His will and word. And that we “believe” without doubting in our hearts.  Thus “say” unto this mountain is not a vain or superstitious exercise or indulgence in humanistic mind science. But instead becomes an applied release of God’s creative word of promise.

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