Message for Nov 28, 2010

Are you familiar with the term Advent?  It is a Christian term meaning “the arrival”.

It is the period of time from November 29 through Christmas Eve.  It is set aside to emphasize the birth (arrival) of Jesus, the son of God. History tells us that the Church created a yearly calendar to focus on the various features of the faith.

The main focus is that God came into history to work man’s redemption. ADVENT could stand for: “A Divine Visit Entering Natural Time”.  Jesus was God in the flesh.  God had a purpose in all this.  It is the Bible that tells us what it is.  It was for the redemption of mankind by God’s own plan.

It is referred to in I Timothy 3:16 as the “mystery of godliness”.  It is the purpose of the church to reveal this to the world.  It is not our place to decide Truth; it is our job to reveal it as it is.  We do not have to improve upon it, We just have to proclaim it.  Truth will always set you free.

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