Message for Nov. 14, 2010

There are many things you can say about life.  What you say depends on your view of things.  Do you see the positive or the negative of any given situation?  Do you see the problems or the possibilities?  Are you expecting victory or defeat?  All of these are a product of attitude.

How you look at life will determine your ability to deal with situations you face.  If I look at life itself as a joy I will be able to overcome the struggles and negative circumstances I may face.  As a result I will walk away a winner no matter the outcome.
If I have a negative view of life and see no real hope of happiness I will fall into the trap of the devil and give up on anything going my way.  There are enough temptations to “give up” on anything.  The source of strength is in the joy of the Lord.
Everything in life will not be like I would like it.  Things will happen that mess us up.  We must remember three things.  God loves me.  God’s grace is sufficient.  And, God is faithful.  In the end we will win.

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