Message for May 5, 2024 from Pastor Shirley

One of the things I will always remember hearing Pastor Jerry say, “No matter what you have seen me go through, the Word is still true.” 
He never gave up on believing that the Word of Scripture is truth, the promises of the Word are for believers and the faithfulness of God is sure.  Today  he would say to us, “Keep the faith Church.”  To keep the faith means to “continue” to believe in, and trust even when it is difficult.  To move forward!
With physical attacks on his body over and over again, he never gave up.  He would come back to the pulpit to preach the Word of God again and again.  His faith never wavered. 
The lyrics to the song “Trust God” says it all. “Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine  He’s been my fourth man in the fire, time after time  Born of His Spirit, washed in His Blood  And what He did for me on Calvary is more than enough  I trust in God, my Savior  The one who will never fail  Perfect submission, all is at rest  I know the author of tomorrow has ordered my step  So this is my story and this is my song I’m praising my risen King and Savior all the day long
Until then Pastor Jerry, New Life For The Nations will continue to “Move Forward” in the Word of Truths you have been so faithful to teach us.  A great legacy and a great foundation you have laid!

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