Message for May 2, 2021 from Pastor Shirley

I was in line to check out at a local store this past week.  A couple of people were behind and were engaged in a conversation and as one of them walked away he said, “Hey buddy I am not broke I am just in between pay days”. 
I heard the Holy Spirit say, “See you are not broken you are just breaking out to a breakthrough”.  I needed that word so much at that moment.  The last couple of months have been overcoming, overcoming and more overcoming. But God….
Maybe you need to know today that you are not broken. Could it be you to are breaking out to a breakthrough. The place called “to” is where the battle is.  It’s the “to” place where we can become discouraged. The enemy wants us to give up during this place called “to”.  That is where faith is put in action. Like Paul and Silas we will pray and praise our way through. 
This morning you may feel broken, weary, push to the limit.  I prophesy to you that things are breaking through. You will see the breakthrough.

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