Message for May 1, 2011

Now learn this lesson from the fig tree:” Matt. 24:32 Jesus’ disciples asked Him what the signs of the times would be. One of the things Jesus told them was about the budding of the fig tree. When the fig tree puts forth leaves, summer is near. Let’s explore what Jesus was saying to them.
Jesus told the disciples that one the signs of His return would be like the budding of the fig tree. The nation of Israel was refered to as a fig tree on many occasions in the parables of Jesus. After Jesus’ ascension, Jerusalem was destroyed and the Jews were scattered throughout the “nations”. They were homeless for almost 2000 years. They were persecuted and killed by the millions. They were hated by nation after nation. They were (and still are) blamed for the death of Jesus. Many believe and teach that God has deserted them because they rejected Jesus. It is taught that the Church has replaced Israel as God’s people, but is that true?
Throughout church history scholars have believed there was only a “Spiritual Israel”, the Church. Many of the prophecies concerning Israel must mean the Church since Israel no longer existed as a nation. That idea changed in 1948 when the United Nations reestablished Israel as a sovereign nation. Many Bible scholars saw this event as the “budding of the fig tree” and the generation that would see the fulfillment of the end-times.
I was born in 1947. I am part of the “this generation”. So are you. I believe one of the greatest proofs of the truth of Scripture is found in the history of the Jewish people and the Abrahamic covenant. God has not forsaken Abraham’s offspring. There are still exciting events coming for the Children of Israel.

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