Message for March 31,2019 from Pastor Shirley

I am hearing the Word of the Lord saying, “There is new life for New Life”.  In the bigger scheme of things you have not been forgotten nor have you been forsaken.  Continue to take up the Word and let it be a mighty weapon in your mouth. The spirit yes the spirit of discouragement that has wanted you to throw in the towel and quit is broken over this place. There is a new resolve coming to the lives of My people who have chosen to settle into this place to settle in the gifts I have given you. A resolve that has said, “We will rise and our voices will be heard”. I have given you the Word of Salvation to this region and beyond.  Take up this mantel and go in the anointing I have given you as My body of believers. Stand firm in what you have been given. For this is your time to show forth my Glory.

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