Message for March 14, 2010

“Therefore, we do not lose heart.  Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.”  I Cor. 4:16

Does it seem like most people are more concerned with the outward man than with the inward man?  However, the “outward man” is the body that holds us as part of this temporary world.  It is the part of us that makes us human.  It is the “dust of the earth” from which we were created.

It is  true that we are eternal beings that live forever, but we must learn to distinguish between the temporal and the eternal.  Temporal refers to that which only affects one in this present world.  Eternal refers to that which affects life after this life.

Paul tells us to look not at temporal things but at eternal things.  Why?  Temporal things change.  They are not always in harmony with God’s will.  There are earthly consequences for temporal choices.  Eternal things never change.  They are forever and they are always right.

Eternal things depend on and are measured by what we really believe.  Temporal things depend on and are measured by what we do.  The quality of our earthly life is determined by our actions.  The quality of our eternal life is determined by what we believe.  But remember, “faith without works is useless.”  Eternal life comes only by what we believe, not our works; otherwise, salvation would be “by works.”

Works (good or bad) are a major factor in our temporal life.   Our earthly life is the result of our choices here.  Works can also be a reflection of what we really believe.

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