Message for March 13, 2011

I am not one to be moved by circumstances but this week has been very interesting.  When we consider what is happening now,think about what I said last week concerning quick major changes on earth.

Friday’s earthquake was devastating to the Pacific arena, and we still do not know the full extent of its affects.  One thing we know is that earthquakes are caused by unrest.  The earth groans for relief and “shivers” under the pressure.  I know there are natural causes with fault lines and tectonic plates shifting, but I believe there is a spiritual force at work here.  To be true to Biblical truth I must accept the idea that there is a divine plan being played out through natural elements.
The same unrest exhibited in the recent earthquakes is being reveled in the social and political situations in the Middle East, other places, and even our own country(Wisconsin).  The rebellions and demonstrations are all signs of human unrest.  Why is everything seemingly in a state of unrest and turmoil?  Because, real peace is only found in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
It is time we all become more concerned with the future than we are now.  The future is not tomorrow, it is forever.  It is not a matter of how I will deal with tomorrow, but how am I prepared for eternity?  Don’t be caught unprepared.  Watch the signs of the times.  We have God’s promise concerning the Holy Spirit that “He will guide you into all truth, and show you things to come.”

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