Message for June 4, 2023 from Pastor Shirley

Holy Spirit says there is a windstorm and it is not for destruction but debridement. 
Windstream is a storm with very strong wind but little or no rain or snow. Having several years in nursing home care, I knew the meaning of debridement.  Debriding a wound requires cutting away and removing decay and death from the affected area.  It requires removing everything that interferes with healthy transformation to a state that is whole. The wound heals from the inside out.
How long do we carry wounds and attempt to cover them up?  Like a wound in the flesh covering  it up will  cause it to get worse. When this happens there must be a debriding to cut away the part of the wound that has died in order for life to resume to that part of the body.  
Offense, bitterness, and unforgiveness are things that cause us to be wounded.  When we choose to stay in that place the wound expresses itself outwardly.  When this happens, we experience the pain of the wound. May we invite Holy Spirit to blow on us and bring healing from the Father!
Following is a Prophetic Word given to New Life through Jim Childs.  “I see a windstorm coming our way.  As the wind of my spirit storms its way through every situation and circumstance, prepare yourself for celebration.  As you see, immovable things suddenly blow out of your life.  There is a freshness to be experienced as old things are blown away and new things are blown in.  New things shall begin to spring and new life shall be experienced. Dreams are awakening and new visions are being released. 
Good morning Holy Spirit”.

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