Message for June 20,2020 from Pastor Shirley

        The book of Judges is about a very dark time in the history of Israel.  This was a time when the chosen people of God turned away from Him and did what was right in their own eyes.  The book of Judges tells us what happens when an individual or a nation’s turn from following God.  God is no longer important and the very center of their lives.  The book of Judges can be summed up in Judges 21:25 “Everyone did what was right in their eyes”.  The word “eye” in the context of Judges means “sight or perspective or arrogance”.  During the time of Judges the people did what they THOUGHT was right–not what WAS right. 
       Hebrews 12:2 “Fixing our eyes on Jesus the founder and perfecter of our faith”.  God always has a cure.  The cure for eyes that are fixed on doing what we think is right is fixing, or looking at nothing else than Jesus.  By bowing our knees to the authority and kingship of Jesus in our lives.  Living for Him and not for ourselves!  May we never take our eyes of Jesus.  Not doing what we think is right.  What would Jesus do?  When Jesus is King of your heart there won’t be room for self.   Let’s not take our eyes off of Jesus! 
Let the King of my heart.  Be the wind inside my sails. The anchor in the waves.  Oh-oh, He is my song.  Let the King of my heart.  Be the fire inside my veins.  The echo of my days.  Oh, He is my song. (lyrics to – King of my Heart)

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