Message for July 25, 2010

This is the 30th year for NLFTN’s ministry.  Anything that can last that long has had at least a measure of success.  I was 32 years old when we started meeting. Our children were younger than any of my grandchildren are now.  I am drawing social security and am now 63 years old.  Wow, it is hard to believe I have been around that long.  I have ministered over 5000 times.  Does that mean 5000 different sermons?  No, there has been many repeats on the same subject.

The interesting thing is that sermons from thirty years ago and sermons from now, on the same subject, may not say the same thing.  Does that mean the Word is changing?  No it does not.  It means I have changed.  The Word is alive and active.  Although it is alive, it never changes.  It is our understanding of the Word that changes as we study it.

Just because we believe something and preach it a certain way does not mean it is the truth.  We are influenced by many sources and develop our ideas for many reasons.  Most of our beliefs are based on our environment and experiences.  To rightfully interpret and understand the Word of God we must move beyond ourselves and not let our life experiences “color” our view of God’s Word.  We must study the Scriptures to show ourselves approved.  This means having correct doctrine and theology by which to live.  What was right 30 years ago is still right today.  What is not right today was not right 30 years ago.  The way I believed about an issue 30 years ago may not be the way I believe about it today. Am I trying to change the Word or has my study of the Word changed me to agree with the Word?  I hope it would be the latter.

How much have you changed in the last 30 years?  Are you being changed by knowledge of the Word?  Or, are you changing the Word to suit you?

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