Message for July 2, 2023 from Pastor Shirley

         Happy Birthday America   July 4, 1776                                 
The Declaration of Independence was signed by John Hancock, the beginning of freedom for our nation.  We are thankful for the men and women who have given their lives for this freedom and those who are still on the front line.  We experience freedom today in this country because of what Jesus secured for us 2000 years ago on a hill outside Jerusalem.  He shed his blood for the sins of the world, was buried for three days and rose again.  Because our nation was and is founded on that, we can say, “the red, white, blue one nation under God ”.  I love to see those big American flags gently blowing in the wind.  How beautiful it is.  My favorite colors are green and blue.  I think they are God’s too.  The green grass and the blue skies remind me of this. My next favorite colors are red, white.  The colors of our flag remind me – Red is for the blood of Jesus – White is for the purity our sins forgiven – Blue is for the Holy Spirit, our helper in time of need.  When I see our flag I am reminded of the freedom we have as Americans to worship the one true God. It is obvious that our nation is in dark times.  The heart of God must grieve over what has taken place and is taking place.  
Holy Spirit whispered and said, “God loves this great nation you call home.  And once again, this nation shall stand proud and be the envy of those who now hate her”.  I believe!   
     America! America! May God shed His grace over thee!   

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