Message for January 2, 2011

Since this is the first Sunday in 2011 I thought I would express my thoughts in an original poem. How will you relate to heaven in 2011? Paul said, “set your affections on things above and not on things of the earth.”

Here we are on January one, 2010 is finally done.
A new year looms in front of us, In the Lord we now must trust.
His eyes look for us to and fro, to show His strength to us, we know.
The eyes of God look down from heaven, to guide our way in 2011.

Possibilities are plenty in the year ahead, it may be joy or maybe dread.
We get to choose what we believe, we can have joy or we can grieve.
God said He’d hear us if we pray, and we can trust in things His way.
The ears of God are open in heaven, to hear our call in 2011.

Expect each year’s day to offer a test, just make the decision to believe the best.
Christ in you is the hope of Glory, He died for our sins, that’s the true love story.
He is always near to help us out, our hearts rejoice if we will not doubt.
God will pour out His love from heaven, to comfort our hearts in 2011.

We have the Light of the World to be our guide, and the King of Kings by our side.
What more is there for us to ask, in order for us to finish our task?
Over all our enemies He gave us the power, He meets the needs of every hour.
There is no lack of power in heaven, we have all we want for 2011.

Let us rise up and ran our race, fixing our eyes on His glorious face.
Remember, God has a wonderful plan, just trust His word and take your stand.
When we are weak then He is strong, it’s grace by faith through our whole life long.
Amazing grace is the theme of heaven, it will be sufficient for 2011.

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