Message for January 10, 2021 from Pastor Shirley

Why do you seek that which does not bring life?  For I Am the Lord your God who desires to give life.  So choose life.  Choosing life is the doorway to living in abundant living.  For it is there you will find joy forever more.  Seek not the ways of the carnal man but seek that which is wholesome and righteous.  The carnal man would want you to see that which is of the flesh.  You become frustrated because you will be trying to live between the two the carnal–the spirit.  The Spirit will always lead you into truth.  And in knowing that truth which is what Scripture declares is what will set you free to be all who I say you are.  I say you are more than enough.  I say you are free to be what I have anointed you to be.  As you walk in this truth you find healing for your mind, body and soul.  For I would want you to walk as one with the Spirit. Yes live from the reborn spirit man.  For that is the real you.  To walk as one is to be in agreement.  I am waiting for a yes from you.  And in your yes there is power released.  For in that yes you are saying not my will be done but your will be done.

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