Message for February 5, 2023 from Pastor Shirley

      Have you ever had someone tell you something and it kinda slaps you in the face.   Something  that leaves you saying, “are you kidding me.”   I  had this happen to me recently.   I was left wondering why this person would make the decision to do what they did.   I knew their heart and they would never do anything to disrespect me in any way.     
      A couple of days later  I completely gave it to the Lord.  In my prayer to the Father, “I didn’t understand the decision this person made or the why but I do know you  have it covered and it will be ok.  At the time I did not realize what had happened when I prayed that prayer.  I just knew I had peace and it was going to be ok.  Later on Holy Spirit explained to me I had a Psalms 46:10 experience.   “Be still and know that I am God”.  
“Be still”   This phrase is derived from the Hebrew word rapha which means “to be weak, to let go, to release.”  Or to surrender.  “And know”  This phrase, in its original Hebrew, taken together with “Be Still,” actually contains the meaning “in order to know.”  Surrender in order that you may know.  Know what-that I AM GOD. I AM your present help, your refuge; your strength,  your comforter.   
      Could we read Psalms 46:10 as “Surrender in order to know that I am God”.   Surrender means to submit,  to give way,  to yield.  I released the situation to God.  I could  no longer feel the way I was feeling even though I did not understand the why of the decision that this person made.  Surrender is not agreeing with what may have been said or done.  Surrendering your feelings to God concerning what was done is freeing yourself.   God knew and in his time he told me from the very mouth of the person the reason for the decision they made.  
      Has there been something that  has been said or done to you that has left you not understanding the why.  Maybe the other person has no idea what they said or done to cause you to feel the way you do.  I encourage you to release it to God.  It is in surrender freedom comes.                           
What a great feeling to let go (surrender) and let God!

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