Message for February 3, 2019 from Pastor Jerry

                           Signs of the times

“But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come.”  2 Timothy 3:1

According to Bible Word wealth perilous times means, harsh, savage, difficult, dangerous, painful, fierce, grievous, and hard to deal with.  The word describes a society that is barren of virtue but abounding with vices.

            It makes me sad to say but this defines the direction in which America is heading.  There are times when listening to our politicians spout their ideas and aspirations that it makes me feel like the only moral crime in this nation is being a Christian.  Because of the hatred of Biblical principles and ideas, it is very necessary that as Christians we stand for a Biblically based philosophy of life.

            All non-Christians have no reason to value any Biblical principle unless it fits with their own beliefs of society.  But, one who calls themselves a Christian is obligated to stand for and defend the position of the Scriptures. I know there are many Biblical differences that denominations disagree upon. I know we all want to walk in the truth but if we were all walking in the truth there would only be ONE KIND of church.  That would be the one we would attend. One thing I know is true. Jesus said that the “Word is truth”. And, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will SET YOU FREE”.  Do you know you are free?

            Politicians and leaders are parting ways with the truth defending their own opinions about issues of society.  This is creating an atmosphere of hate and division which never leads to a good end. Whatever beliefs you hold be sure they are supported by the Bible.  Psalm 9:17 says the nation that forgets God shall be turned into hell. For that reason this nation looks and feels a lot more like hell than it did when I entered the ministry forty eight years.  It seems that few people are interested in God’s opinion about anything.  Wake up!  What does God have to say about it? Just because our society accepts something doesn’t make it true and right.  Watch and pray!

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