Message for February 27,2022 from Pastor Shirley

This is what the High Jehovah says to His church today:
You will move forward and overcome
Though at times it may seem as the enemy is winning know it is just a delusion
Count yourself in for I have already made you a winner
Stand up and go forward in the power of Holy Spirit For you have been doused with fire that will burn off discouragement
At times there may seem to be no growing forward But you have been watered by the Word and suddenly you will see the manifestation of your labor of prayers
Every utterance of “JESUS” has been a cry to me
I have seen yes I have known your heart
From the heart flows the issues of life and I am taking those issues and turning them into stepping stones to victory on your behalf
For it is in purity that you have desired to know me as I have known you
It is that relationship that promises are birthed
Holy Spirit moves quickly in the atmosphere of love
With the cords of my love I have sought you
Know with great assurance you have been found my me
You are in “My grip” and I will never let you go

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