Message for April 4, 2010

The future of the Church is not determined by its members.  The end of the Church is in God’s hands.  The Church of God will prevail over all in the end.  Jesus did all that was necessary to make sure of that.  His death and resurrection is the Church’s victory.  Of His Kingdom there is no end.  That is the word of God.  The Church Universal is in good hands.  When things are left in God’s hands, they always end up good.

However, the local church bodies are a product of the effort of the members operating with God’s help.  Each of us should ask ourselves a question.  “What would the church be like if all the members were like me?”  What if everyone attended were like me?  What if everyone gave like me?  What if everyone talked (confession) like me?  What if everyone volunteered like me?  What if everyone gave the time I do?  If everyone in the church acted like me, what kind of church would our church be?

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