Message for April 3, 2011

“Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one!” Deut 6:4

Who’s who and what’s what?  We live in a time of uncertainties, and it is important that we know and understand what we believe and why.  It seems to be getting to be more and more politically incorrect to believe and preach that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. Religious tolerance is being touted by the media and political leaders with an “accept all beliefs” attitude.
In the Bible there is a story about a King named Sennacherib.  He had the vision of world conquest, including Judah.  His plan was progressing fine until Hezekiah refused to surrender and sent word that Judah was trusting God to save them.  Sennacherib reminded Hezekiah that no other God had saved his people from conquest so far.  Hezekiah’s God would not deliver him.  Was he right or wrong?  Hezekiah’s God DID deliver him.
The God of Hezekiah was able to perform what He had promised.  A real God can do real things.  It isn’t just all talk and ideas.  Theology is just a bunch of ideas and words unless it has a God that is alive and powerful.  How many gods are there?  Which ones are most powerful?  Remember Paul said all idols (other gods) are demons.  Politically incorrect?  Of course it is.  Proclaiming Jesus as the only way always will be.

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