Message for February 9, 2014 from Pastor Shirley

It is your pea patch-having done all stand.

Your pea patch is what God has promised to be yours as His child. Every born again believer at some time in their Christian life will find themselves having to defend those promises. I think most of us that have been saved for very long have been at this place at one time or another. It is sort of a midnight hour, so to speak.

We understand from the Word that satan is a thief. A thief comes in silently so as to not let you know he has entered in. Is your enemy trying to steal your pea patch where health is concerned, where finances are concerned, where peace or hope should reign? If we don’t defend our blessing (our pea patch), the thief will come to steal, kill and destroy. Satan comes in with discouragement, doubt, fear. These things slowly eat away at your faith to stand and to claim the blessings that are rightfully yours through the shed blood of Jesus.

Satan is your enemy and does not have your best interest in mind. He cannot be reasoned with or persuaded to change. There is nothing in him that would even show the slightest mercy or grace toward you. When he looks at you, he sees Jesus; and he knows only rebellion against God and those of us who have made a stand to be on the winning side. We demonstrate victory by standing firm in what we believe to be of truth which is only what the Word has declared. We demonstrate the victory we have by our actions and attitudes. In 2 Samuel 23 verse 11 says Shammah stood in the midst of a piece of ground full of lentils (peas) and defended it. Shammah’s action was he stood. His attitude was, “This is my pea patch; it may not be much in anyone else’s eyes, but it is mine.”

How determined are you today to hold on to what God has already given? I want to encourage you today to not turn back, but to fight the good fight of faith. Stand and having done all stand!!


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