Message for December 30, 2012 from Pastor Tim


We hear this phrase time and again right before the change from one year to the next, and for the most part we do indeed want a better year for others, but what about the church, do we want a “Happy New Year” for the Church?  At What Cost?  When we reflect on  2012, we can look at all the hardships and difficulties our church family has faced, from health issues not only with our Pastors, but many of the church family and their immediate families as well.  We have put up with financial hardships for the church itself, while many are out of work, or unable to work.  We can look at the fact that the Church building is in need of repairs, or be thankful it’s not worse.

We can look at all the negatives and difficulties with total disdain and wonder why God allowed it, or we can look at the things which really matter– “The Church” which has grown during the past 12 months.  Look at how many have come to the Lord just within the last 3 or 4 months- PRAISE BE TO GOD!  We are The Church, and while we look back on the things which happened in 2012, let us remember to “Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing”….That of course is lost souls coming to Christ.  

With every trial we have faced in 2012, there was a reason for it.  Perhaps for some the shortage of money was a lesson to be better stewards of the money you are given- or a test in faith while teaching you that when you are faithful in the tithes and offerings, God will be faithful as it says in Malachi 3:6-11.  For some, suffering through the endless bouts of sickness and infirmity, it may be that your time in the valley is being used as an encouragement to someone else about to enter the valley- How?  By your faithful confidence in Christ’s promises to heal and deliver.

Whatever you have endured in 2012, get prepared because 2013 will be even worse! Not encouraged?  You should be- for each new level there will be new devils to be defeated.   If you are reading this- you have come through it, so onto the next level.  Are you prepared for the battle to come?  Arm yourself Warriors of Christ for 2013 and you will gain even greater victories for Christ.  Please read Philippians 4:4-9.

May the Peace and Power of Christ be upon you as we start 2013.

Pastor Tim.

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