Message for December 27, 2015 from Pastor Shirley

In the book of First Samuel we read the miraculous birth of Samuel and how God heard the cry of a barren woman to have a son.Hannah begins to cry out to God.  She may not have understood at the moment, but it was also the cry of something beyond her own barrenness -the future of Israel. Having children to the Israelites were symbols of renewal, promises of hope for the future. Israel had come to a place where something had to change.  Samuel means, “God has heard.” Samuel was born in due season at a time when the winds of change and opportunity were  beginning to blow for Israel once again.

    Never forsake the cry of intercession before God. It may be something bigger than what you think at the moment. Sometimes we think it is just about us, but God has a bigger picture. God will hear your cry for change, for hope to be renewed, for the tide to turn, and  just as He heard Hannah, surely He will hear you.

    Go ahead and prophesy to yourself, “Things are turning around for me in this next year.  What the enemy has meant to destroy me is making me stronger. I refuse to sit here until I die.”

    I sense that the church’s climate is changing.  Yes, a renewal of hope. The wind of opportunity, the wind of new beginnings is blowing, and the tide is turning. There is a divine reversal taking place, a divine attitude of expectation rising up within the church that is saying “let us go to the other side.”  For if we stay where we are, we will surely die.  There is too much at stake to stay where we are. There is new ground to take and opportunities to seize for the kingdom of God; souls to reach with the saving gospel. This a time for a people to rise up and decree, “I will stand for surely our set time of favor has come.”

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