Message for December 10, 2017 from Pastor Shirley

      Now these things happened to them as an example and warning [to us]; they were written for our instruction [to admonish and equip us], upon whom the ends of the ages have come. 1 Corinthians 10:11

    God’s Word is full of life experiences of men and women good or bad that have been placed there as examples for you and me. In the book of Genesis we have the story of Joseph which takes up 13 chapters of this book. When the Bible gives you so much information about one person I believe there is a lot we can learn from that person’s life experiences.

    One such person is Joseph. When we think of Joseph our minds may immediately go to the coat of many colors his father made for him. But it is not about the coat. It is about the dream God gave Joseph. (Genesis 37:5-10) I don’t think he shared the dreams in spite or pride to his brothers. I believe Joseph was excited and he believed the dreams were from God about the purpose and plans for his life.

    The enemy is after your dream. He does not want you to dream for there is power in a dreamer when it comes from the spirit of man.

    When God puts a dream inside of you not everybody is going to celebrate with you. As it did for Joseph some of your strongest opposition may come from those that are the closest to you.

     Joseph went from sharing the dream God had given him, to his coat begin stirpped from him, to the pit, to the palace. You never know where your dream will take you. Continue to trust God. After all He was the one who gave you the dream. If you remain faithful to Him you will see the fulfillment.

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