Message for December 1, 2013 from Pastor Jerry

This copy of these confessions was a part of our church in August, 2006.   Brother Charles Gearhart found this copy in his files.      

A. Confession – I am teachable, I am highly skilled in the things of God, and therefore I have the results, of what I have learned.

B. Confession – I am saved, I am healed, I am prosperous in my finances, and I am using the gifts of the Spirit, to build up this local body.

C. Confession – I cast the mountain of lack into the sea, I know now that God’s plan for me is to have health and prosperity. I believe I have received 3 John  2.

D. Confession – I walk in God’s plan, I say what God says about me, I think his thoughts, therefore my future is prosperous, I have peace, my mind is alert, my heart is receptive.

E. Confession – I have the Holy Spirit, I think like he thinks, I am secure, I am safe and I am prosperous.

F. Confession – I have the word of God, to teach me how to prosper, and I have the Holy Ghost to guide me, so therefore I am a tornado of prosperity spinning poverty out of my life by the power of God!

G. Confession – God is not a liar, I will obey him in giving and I am receiving, therefore I will have no money problems.

Are you saying and believing these things?   Or has the enemy come in and deceived you into believing less that what these confessions say?  This is who we really are as part of the grace that Jesus Christ has given us.   As we think about 2014, begin today to line up your believing and confessing with the Word of God.   When all of New Life allows these confessions to become a part of their lives, look how powerful in the Lord the church will be and what an impact we can make in the community for the Lord!  Encourage your children and youth to proclaim these confessions.

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