Message for August 3, 2014 from Pastor Jerry

God’s love is kind. God’s love is forgiving.  God’s love is forever.  Love never fails. (Pastor’s paraphrase of I Cor. 13:4)

       We have just finished 24 glorious hours of Kid’s Camp at New Life.  About 50 campers and workers “ministered” to one another in the power of God’s love.  That was the theme for the camp.  They all shared together in finding the “treasure of His love” on our trip to Son-shine Island where the “pearl of great price” was uncovered.

       There were songs, games, Bible lessons, food, and fun.  We want to thank everyone who helped make this (to quote some campers) “one of the best camps we have ever had.”  Thank you, parents, for sending your children.  Thank you, grandparents, for bringing some of them.  THANK YOU, WORKERS, FOR YOUR ENERGY AND LABOR OF LOVE SO WE COULD DO THIS!

       Many hours went into preparing for the camp.  Lots of cleaning, fixing, painting, and other preparations were put in even before camp started.  Once it started it was nonstop until the end.  There were a few hours of sleep but every waking minute everyone there was doing something to make things a big success.

       Today is our finale and the kids are excited about the opportunity to share what they have done and learned.  From the youngest to the oldest they each will take away something that they will never forget.  They may not remember the date and time but will always remember that God loves them no matter what.

       We ask you to help make sure “your kids” will continue in an atmosphere that will encourage their spiritual growth.  The things of the world are not interested in your children’s future, but God is.  You should be also.  Thank you for trusting us with your precious little one.  We hope we returned them in better shape than ever.  God’s blessings rest upon you.  Amen.


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