Message for August 21, 2016 from Pastor Jerry

Let “GG” rule your relationship.

Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.” Col. 4:6

        Isn’t it easy to apply this verse of Scripture to all those “people” we encounter during regular day activities?  We have trained ourselves to make sure we speak that which does not offend.  We are nice to our church board, our members, our elders and deacons, and generally even to our critics.  But let us go home and we forget to remember this with our spouse and family.

        Having our lives ruled by “GG” is simply allowing “grace” and “gratitude” to be the defining rule in marital relationships.  Grace is the sheriff of our emotions that makes sure we interact with our spouse in an appropriate manner through word and deed.  Do I love my spouse enough that I would not let anyone else say or do something to hurt them?  Do you say things the same way to them in a tone of voice or attitude your spouse would not like coming from someone else?  If we can show grace to outsiders, why is it so difficult to give our spouse the same grace?  Practice grace with your spouse, even if it kills you.  And, if you are having trouble in this area, it will “kill” the fleshly man.  But, you will be resurrected a much better person.  Remember in everything let grace be first.

        The second “G” is also critical to remember in marriage.  Everyone likes to feel appreciated and loved.  This emotion comes from the gratitude shown by those around you.  Workplace success does not make up for a lack of gratitude from spouse and family.  When night comes and it is time for bed, don’t focus on the lack of grace that was shown that day but develop a sense of gratitude for a spouse that loves you and sticks by you.  After all,  you may not be as easy to live with as you think.  Everyone has bad days now and then.  LaVerne and I had a bad day yesterday which we allowed to happen.  When the day ended, we were in full pursuit of “grace” that shook our “gratitude.”  Both of us were thinking, “They can’t treat me that way.”  But we had, so it became time to deal with the matter.  It is amazing how God can remind you of what you know when you are not doing it.  I am glad to report it is well, for now at least.  The best mediator between a couple is God because He calls the counseling season before the fight.  Couples! Live long and prosper!

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