Message for August 19, 2012 from Pastor Tim

God’s Will

When Jodie and I came here in Dec 2009, we felt it would only be for a short time, so we didn’t get involved much. We both have always been active in the church, so when we became “Pew Warmers” it seemed like a good resting period for us. However; when Pastor was unable to preach after his heart surgery, Sister Shirley and I covered the preaching duties until Pastor’s return on Easter weekend 2010.

Several times after Pastor’s return in 2010, I was planning on moving on to start a new church, yet something always prevented it… Now after Pastor’s most recent health issues I feel it was divine appointment that we are here for this time. Yet, as with most people, we have often second guessed hearing God’s Voice- the unction of the Holy Spirit guiding our steps.

When you sit and read ACTS 16:6-10, it surely makes us realize the divinity of the Holy Spirit and how if we will listen, we will be guided correctly- sometimes unknowingly. We may not know the how and where of tomorrow, but if we listen for God’s Guidance, it is sure to come. Be Blessed.

Pastor Tim


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