Message for August 17, 2014 from Pastor Shirley

More than 9 million people have their identity stolen every year. Crooks want your personal information so they can impersonate you and charge your credit card without your knowledge.

     I believe there is some thievery going on in the church and we are going to expose it and do self-checking to see if we are or have become a victim of identity thief.

      We all are familiar with John 10:10 “The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy.”

       The word “thief” comes from the Greek word “klepto” which means to steal. It gives a picture of a bandit, pickpocket, or thief who is so artful in the way he steals that his exploits of thievery are nearly undetectable.

      Satan wants to steal your identity and give you a false one. The devil will try to steal your identity by planting lying thoughts in your mind about who you are.

       I read just recently that there are about 60,000 thoughts that go through our minds a day of which about 56,400 are about our own needs, wants and concerns. That my friend is what the devil plays on. We struggle with thoughts such as, if you really a child of God why are you struggling financially, why are you sick, why did you go through that divorce, why is that child you raised in church on drugs. Those thoughts sound familiar? He wants you to bite on the lie and believe something that’s not true. His initial approach is to destroy you from the inside out by the subtle chipping away at your internal self-worth residing in your God-given identity. That identity is found by the fact that you undeniably know who you are because you know who God is. Once you began to know Whose you are you will began to know who you are and then you will be able to live the abundant life only found in God.

     Your identity comes from what you believe about yourself, even if it’s a lie.


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