Message for April 29, 2012

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine…” 2 Tim. 4:3

    There is a difference of opinion and there is sound doctrine.  God doesn’t operate by our opinion, He operates by His “sound doctrine”.  The type of church service one has in form and structure can vary from church to church.  One may be very formal, and one may be very casual and relaxed.  I cannot see that God prefers one above the other as long as everything is do decently and in order.  The real issue is that everything conforms to the truth of the doctrine presented in the Word of God.
    Every issue is not clear cut and unmistakable.  Doctrines can be subjective. Otherwise we could “all” agree on every issue.  Many doctrines arise based on opinion.  Therefore, the more we develop doctrine, the more chance we have of having disagreements.  Many differences of opinion could be solved if we consider the background of the doctrines involved.  Personality and personal agendas can influence ones interpretation of doctrine.  Great conflicts can arise from using isolated Scripture as the foundation for our doctrine.  Doctrine cannot be established on the basis of one unclear passage.  It must be held up by a current of Scripture in keeping with the basic text of the entire Bible.  Only then can we rest our belief on “Biblical truth”.  Our doctrinal positions must conform to the very heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This position is witnessed to by the Holy Spirit in our lives.  The doctrine of our teaching must conform to the “Spirit of God” as presented in the fullness of Scripture.

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