Message for April 15, 2012

Yesterday morning a small group of men and women gathered here at New life and heard eight people share on “Strengthening Family Ties.”  What we heard was awesome.  I know 10,000 people that needed to hear what we heard.  It ranged from expecting more from our children to showing honor to our elderly.  You could not have been there and not received something new and thought provoking.  I heard things that I had not heard before.  I was challenged to increase my own vision of expectation.

    Unfortunately,  if you missed these talks, you have no way of hearing them.  There was no recording available.  Only in the hearts and minds of the people that were there do these messages remain.  All the modern technology cannot replace the Biblical admonition that was the heart of the spread of the Gospel.  It was the way most of our fore-fathers learned about the things of God.  It increased the amount of Biblical knowledge and was used for all ages.  Through it the church grew to what it is today.  Due to time constraints we have substituted other forms of learning like TV, radio, cd, and dvd.  We have lost something the early church had.  What is it?  It is “not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, …but exhorting one another, and SO MUCH THE MORE as you see the DAY approaching.” (Heb. 10:25)  
     Brothers and Sisters the day is approaching NOW!
Let us take seriously the call to assemble together.

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