Message for May 11, 2014 from Pastor Jerry

“He grants the barren woman a home, like a joyful mother of children.” Psalm 113:9(NKJV)

       It may not appear to be true but the most respected person in an individual’s life is mother.  Even “less than perfect” mothers have a place in children’s hearts.  It is even easier to bond with a “bad” mother than with a “bad” father.  Mothers are the one that nurtured the offspring, and this alone creates a tie that is not easily broken.

       Watch any sport on television and you will see what I mean.  These big and manly athletes, hero of adults and kids alike, are panned by the cameras during the events.  Do they acknowledge the men that inspired them to achieve their status?  Do they yell “you ‘da man”, honor their coaches, or wave at dad? No!  It is nearly always “Hi, mom.”

       Mothers have an effect on their children that no one can replace.  The mother figure sets the tone of life for everyone.  It is best when that figure is a “good” birth mother.  Children usually live a life that is patterned by what they see in their parents.  That is why it is important to be good parents.  Father figures are important, but mother figures keep bonds much stronger.

       Parents need to learn how to be good parents.  Most children will follow their pattern for their own life.  Thank God that all things are possible and things can change.  Good parents can have wayward children and it may not be their fault.  Bad parents can have good kids and that is great.  Remember, our lives affect not only us but a multitude of others.  Our choices will have a great influence on others.  Make the right ones.


                           A Son’s Tribute to His Mother


                          Mother, you bore me into life,

                          Which can be good or filled with strife.

                          You really helped me find the way,

                          Your love and grace helped me not to stray.

                          You loved me and you loved dad,

                          It was the best family I could have had.

                          If you were here I would have to say,

                          “Mom, you made me what I am today.”

                                                    Love, Jerry.  May 11, 2014


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