THE LESSONS FROM NATURE   Proverbs 30:24-31    Dr. Daniel O.C.

This portion of the scriptures teaches important lessons from nature. It talks about the four wise things:

THE ANTS-They are diligent in preparing for the future.  They have amazing characteristics which even some Christians especially the lazy ones need to learn.

  1. They are wise and collect their food in proper seasons and are possessively attached to the young.   
  2. They are highly foresighted for others and work quietly without showing off.
  3. They work together in amazing systems of organization.
  4. They fight to death to protect their homes and young from the enemy.
  5. They perform their duties respectively without an overseer or ruler.

THE ROCK BADGERS–They are very shrewd in protecting themselves from larger animals.  It is not possible to trap them. Their feet have sharp hoofs which enable them to leap from rock to rock rapidly.

THE LOCUSTS–They are harmonious creatures having no king yet they band together as one and are very destructive.  They travel with the wind.

THE SPIDER/HOUSE LIZARD–They are noted for their great flexibility and are curious creatures in the matter of building their houses and taking their prey.  Some spiders spin webs, some dig holes in the ground making trap doors for their prey, while others chase their prey upon the ground.  


  1. The lion is more majestic than any other beast.
  2. The Greyhound or Warhorse that is  exceedingly graceful and fleet.
  3. The He-goat that is both fierce and majestic as the head of the sheep
  4. The KING who walks boldly and gracefully among his loyal subjects and against whom there is no hope of rebellion.

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