God has given all of us skills and talents, but He is more interested in the character of the man or woman who uses these abilities. Others will watch how we treat our spouses and children and our fellow employees, how we respond to annoying people and difficult situations, and how we talk about corporate executives when they make poor decisions.

    When a Christian goes out of his or her way to care for someone who is hurting, overlooks petty offenses and takes steps to resolve big ones, finds something else to do when the rest of the team goes to a strip club, and exudes a positive attitude while being ruthlessly honest about difficulties–people notice!

    All of us have a hundred choices to make each day.  We may not recognize many of them because we’re so steeped in habitual attitudes and behaviors, but we have constant opportunities to demonstrate love or selfishness, faith or doubt, hope or complaints, purity or sinful passion.  If we choose to be Christ’s examples to those around us, we’re in for a great ride of seeing Him touch people through us.  (Zig Ziglar)

“Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love,in spirit in faith, in purity.”  I Tim. 4:12

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