JESUS CHRIST… by  Dr. Daniel O.C.


                                                                               Dr. Daniel O.C.

Is my God, my King, my lord, my Savior and my Healer!

He is my Refuge, my Provider, my Strength and my Defender!

My Protector, my Peace, my Joy, my Life and my All!

Jesus is my rock, my High Tower and my Everything, blessed be His holy name!


God’s way is much better than ours.  So, hold on tight, hang in there, strengthen your faith and everything will fall into place with God.

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does change the future.

I will thank God for my blessings without forgetting that I am BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING.


God, Adonai Elohim has taught me that I never need to worry about tomorrow.  I overcome yesterday.  I am alive and dealing with today.  With God’s help, I will face tomorrow and withstand whatever may come my way. 

What God, Adonai Yahweh promised in the BLOOD OF JESUS shall come to pass in my LIFE  in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen!


Remember, there are about 4200 world religions, but there is only ONE Man who conquered sin, death, the grave, and hell forever.  His name is JESUS CHRIST!

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