How to Judge Spirituality   Kenneth Hagin

How to Judge Spirituality   Kenneth Hagin
“One Sunday morning during the summer of 1943, I was preaching at a church in north-central Texas.  My text was Colossians 2:9,10, where it says ‘ye are complete in him,’ and my title was “What is Spirituality?”  I have never been brave enough to use that text again.
I asked the question: Where would you go to look for a spiritual person?
Some thought of people in our church who were quick to jump, quick to dance, quick to shout, and they said, “they’re spiritual.”  I told the congregation, “That’s not spirituality.  You can’t judge spirituality by that.”
Somebody else said, “So-and-so is always talking in tongues and is always giving messages in tongues, so he’s really spiritual.”  I said, “No, no.  You can’t judge spirituality by that, because God will use any kind of vessel He can.  I read where He talked through a donkey one time.  That doesn’t mean that the donkey was spiritual.
“No,” I said, “I know that spiritual people do go to church, but I wouldn’t even go to church if I were looking for a spiritual person.  You know the first place I’d go?”  They all said, “No.”
I said, “ I’d go to a person’s home.”    You see, when it comes to religious things, people are two faced.  They’ve got one face they wear on Sunday, and another face they wear another day.  I’ve seen them as pastors.  I’ve knocked on their doors and heard them whisper, “ Put that UP!  Put that  UP!  Put that UP!”  There was something they didn’t want me to see.  And you never heard such scurrying around.  I thought they were never going to open the door.  
“No,” I told that congregation, “I’d just like to become the invisible man; walk through the door, and look and listen.”  And I said, “People who are spiritual–people who have really got something–live right at home.  And if you don’t live right at home, you haven’t got anything!”

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