How to Drive Fear Out of Your Life Forever

 How to Drive Fear Out of Your Life Forever
Religion will tell you that you must fear God and later condemn you when you don’t have any faith.  The apostle Paul taught that faith “works” when people trust in the unconditional love God has for them (Galatians 5:6).  The apostle John explains that those who struggle with fear don’t yet know God’s perfect love for them (I John 4:18).  Fear and guild are repelled by the knowledge of God’s love.
“There is no fear in love but perfect love casteth out fear:  because fear hath torment.  He that feareth is not made perfect in love” (I John 4:18).
The key to living free from fear is simply to submit to the perfect love God has for you.  His perfect love will drive out and away any fear you have.    Ed Elliot

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